UV LED Optics

Phoseon patented Semiconductor Light Matrix™ (SLM)™ technology architecture includes proprietary LEDs, Arrays, Optics and Cooling to maximize UV LED curing performance.

UV LED Optics - Guiding the Light

uv led optics

The UV LED optics is one of the most important differentiators in lamps. The science of optically improving the LEDs to maximize their UV output is key to the lamp's final capability. Based on the end application the optical engineer has to decide what shape, form, and material best utilizes the LED's unique characteristics. Next they have to balance the fact the LEDs are a 'flood' type of light, unlike a focused mercury lamp where the light is captured by a reflector and directed to a specific point, focal length.

The optical engineer is challenged to use methods to ensure the maximum amount of light 'escapes' at the desired irradiance through the window/glass towards the material. LED Lamp suppliers have used various, confidential methods to maximize the UV LED light.

While an end‐user or OEM should not necessarily be concerned with how the optics are provided in the UV LED lamp, they should understand if the supplier has the ability to improve their design for their specific application needs.
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