UV LED Cooling Solutions

Phoseon patented Semiconductor Light Matrix™ (SLM)™ technology architecture includes proprietary LEDs, Arrays, Optics and Cooling to maximize UV LED curing performance.

UV LED Cooling Methods

led cooling technology

LED cooling is very important for UV light sources. As any reader knows after using a notebook PC on their lap for a length of time, the by‐product of solid‐state devices is heat. UV LEDs transfer about 15‐25% of the received electrical energy into light. The remaining 75‐85% is transferred as heat; thus, the need to cool the LED arrays.

Currently, UV LED arrays are cooled with either air or liquid. It is important to note that as the LEDs emit higher output power, the more heat is generated. Thus in the race to build ever higher irradiance products, the ability of suppliers to control and remove heat has become more crucial to building reliable systems. As the quality of LEDs improves and the irradiance increases, so does the need to remove the heat. OEMs and end‐users do not want to spend more on the LED cooling of the light sources.