Industrial Curing Distributors

Partners offering Phoseon Innovative LED solutions

Phoseon Technology Authorized Distributors offer the latest UV LED curing systems sourced directly from Phoseon.



SIGMA (Mexico)

LED Specialists (Integration Partner, Non-Graphic Arts)

XDS Holding (Integration Partner, Offset)


Shanghai Consure Trading Co, Ltd (China)

Shanghai Yi-Video Electronic Technology Co, Ltd (China)

U-VIX Corporation (Japan),

Shinyoung Rad. Chem. Ltd (Korea)

Eprocent Technology Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Takeiki Pte Ltd (Singapore)

East Ring Intl Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

Qing international Co, Ltd (Taiwan)

PC Protect Co, Ltd (Thailand)

Ultraviolet Technology Co, Ltd (Vietnam)

Europe, the Middle East & Africa

Sadechaf Curing & Bonding (Belgium)

Delta France (France)

Fast Drying Systems/ UV industrie (France, Switzerland)

igb-tech GmbH (Germany, Austria)

Unique UV (India)

Jenton Group (Ireland, UK)

Gentec (Netherlands, Belguim, Luxemburg)

Beswick Machinery (South Africa)

E.Vila Projects & Supplies SL (Spain, Portugal)