Variable Data Printing - Case Study

Domino utilizes Phoseon's FireJet for the K600i ink jet printer. Back to Case Studies page.

UV LED Curing for Digital Printing

variable data printing

Domino offers digital printing solutions for variable data printing that are designed and engineered to minimize operator intervention and maximize throughput. Print high-resolution variable data such as bar codes, serialization, 2D codes, QR codes, addressing, personalization, graphics, and more.

K600i ink jet printer
Domino K600i is a high-speed digital black plate UV ink jet system that prints 600dpi variable data up to 246 feet/minute onto a wide range of uncoated and coated sheet or web materials. Applications include printing onto labels, tags, tickets, forms, security products and direct mail.

Using UV curable ink, the K600i is a non-contact form of printing with few moving parts. That, coupled with Domino's iTech features result in a highly reliable and efficient variable data printing system.

StitchLink - Automated Stitching of Printheads
Seamless printing across the entire print bar. Automated printhead alignment & image stitching, achieved through StitchLink micro-motor controller technology. Easy and accurate set-up, no manual stitching of printheads. Fast make-ready, less material waste, and excellent print quality. Print seamless alphanumberics, logos, graphics & 100% scannable “Grade A" verifiable bar codes.

CleanCap – Automated Printhead Cleaning & Capping
Automated, servo-driven cleaning and capping station. Your operators will no longer need to manually clean the printhead. Less human intervention eliminates potential for damaging printheads and maximizes your uptime.

ActiFlow - Ink Optimization System
Pressurized recirculation system that ensures ink is always moving around the printhead, filtering of the ink to catch debris, controls ink temperature contributing to better ink flow, and provides better print quality and prolonged printhead life.

User Selectable Droplet Sizes
6, 7, 11 or 14 picoliter drop sizes versus the 80 picoliter drops commonly found in other technologies. This allows for less ink consumption and therefore lower costs. Print on a wider range of materials with crisp print quality.

UV LED Technology
Domino's K600i ink jet printer utilizes Phoseon's FireJet™ air-cooled UV LED curing products. The compact UV LED curing lamps offer advanced capability and increased production speeds. The LEDs are instant on/off, so the UV is only on when ink curing has to occur. This saves energy and increases the life of the unit even further. UV LED curing is the ideal choice for high-resolution variable data printing on a wide variety of substrates.

About Domino
Domino is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital printing and product identification solutions. Celebrating its 35th year in business, Domino is a global organization with world headquarters in the UK, with 16 subsidiaries, greater than 75 distributors, representation in over 120 countries, and 2,000 employees worldwide. U.S. headquarters are located in Gurnee, IL.

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