Decorative Bottle Printing - Case Study

Serigraphie Richford utilizes UV LED curing technology for decorative bottle printing. Back to Case Studies page.

UV LED Curing for Glass Surface Printing

decorative bottle printing

Serigraphie Richford specializes in printing and decorating glass containers for spirits, health and beauty, wine, cider, beer, bottled water, soft drinks, food and the promotional glassware industry. During this premium decorating process, Serigraphie utilizes Phoseon's UV LED light sources for curing inks on glass containers to improve the quality of print.

Applied Ceramic Labeling
Screen-printing, or applied ceramic labeling (ACL), is a process which allows the ability to apply the images, logos, and text, which make up the design, directly to the glass surface. Direct printing enables Serigraphie to combine the brand image and the container ensuring a consistent and unique package design. Inks, enamels, precious metals and other specialty materials can be used or combined if need be, and applied directly on glass or coating.

UV LED Curing Technology
UV LED curing technology is integrated into decorative bottle printing units for a variety of label applications including bottle labeling machines and systems designed for direct printing on cylindrical containers. The small size of the light sources makes them ideal for machines with limited space. It also allows for printing on heat-sensitive substrates and ever-thinner labels. These solutions enable users to process a variety of materials at maximum production speeds, with low-input power requirements.

The Phoseon FireLine™ is a high powered water cooled UV LED curing light source with peak intensities up to 8W/cm². FireLine products are ideal for a wide variety of printing applications such as decorative bottle printing.

About Serigraphie Richford
For more than three decades SRI has specialized in printing and decorating glass containers. They take pride in having built a reputation envied by others in our industry. Over the years SRI has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industries, and put their stamp on the biggest brands on the market. Partners have included Estée Lauder, Avon, Revlon, L'Oréal, Diageo, Pernod-Ricard, Canandaigua, Vincor, and Sleeman.

Using a highly skilled labour force, the most modern technology, sophisticated equipment, and the best raw materials available, all supported by sustained and ongoing research and development efforts, is what has enabled SRI to be the North American leader that it is today.

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