UV Coatings - Case Study

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Robert Bürkle GmbH Implements State-of-the-art UV LED Technology

UV coatings case study

Robert Bürkle GmbH of Germany implements curing systems for the single-sided curing of UV lacquers using Phoseon Technology's UV LED technology. This new curing technology has the possibility to cure UV lacquer with drastically reduced energy consumption and significantly reduced workpiece surface temperature.

• Uniform radiation of the lamps across the entire working width.
• Clearly reduced exposure to noise of the line operators since no exhaust system is necessary.
• Stepless adjustment of the specific lamp power from 20 - 100 %.
• Instant on/off without waiting times.
• No waste disposal of old UV lamps containing heavy metal (GA, Hg).
• No exposure to ozone of the line operators.
• Excellent penetration of the UV radiation allowing for good adhesion, also with pigmented lacquers.
• Less danger of uncured photo initiators.
• Reduced risk of fire on UV lines, possibly reduced insurance premium.

• Height adjustable lamp unit mounted onto a transport system.
• LEDs connected in series over the entire working width, mounted in a separate casing.

BÜRKLE stands for quality, customer focus and is a globally leading manufacturer of presses and coating lines for surfaces in wide array of industries.
For more information regarding BÜRKLE's products or services, visit www.buerkle-gmbh.de.

If you are interested in learning more about how SLM technology can enhance your operation, contact Phoseon to arrange an on-site demonstration or have our applications team test your UV printing products in our lab.

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