Screen Printing - Case Study

Nameplates, Inc. (NPI) reduces energy costs and increases production capacity utilizing UV LED curing from Phoseon Technology. Back to Case Studies page.

UV Curing for Screen Printing

Nameplates, Inc. (NPI) is a leading printing and product identification company ranging from decals, labels, digital prints and fleet materials to fabrication, nameplate and metal items. NPI brand products include:
• Decals, screen-printed on vinyls, lexan and polyesters
• Transportation branding and markings, digitally printed on 3M™ specialty vinyls
• Tradeshow and outdoor displays and banners, digitally printed on large-area vinyl displays

As a result of integrating UV LED curing technology from Phoseon, NPI has been able to reduce energy consumption by replacing traditional dryers. Since UV LED cures faster than the traditional dryers, NPI has also increased their production capacity.

UV LED Technology
The compact UV LED curing light sources offer advanced capability and increased production speeds. The LEDs are instant on/off, so the UV is only on when ink curing has to occur. This saves energy and increases the life of the unit even further. UV LED curing is the ideal choice for high-resolution printing on a wide variety of substrates. LED (light emitting diode) technology offers maximum UV output with significantly less energy consumption, along with cooler operating temperatures that allow for printing on heat sensitive substrates.

The small size of the light sources makes them ideal for machines with limited space. It also allows for printing on heat-sensitive substrates and ever-thinner labels. These solutions enable users to process a variety of materials at maximum production speeds, with low-input power requirements.

FireJet FJ200
The FireJet™ is a high-capability air-cooled UV LED curing light source is capable of curing at the highest speeds for a variety of printing applications.

About NPI
NPI is a third-generation familyrun, Woman Owned Small Business, founded on loyalty, dedication and hard work. NPI is dedicated to partnering with their clients to provide excellent service and high-quality printing, branding and product identification. For more information visit: