Bottle Cap Printing Solutions - Case Study

SACMI integrates Phoseon’s UV LED curing technology for their Colora Cap, a new system created by SACMI for digital cap printing.  Back to Case Studies page.

SACMI cap printing & decorating systems with LED curing by Phoseon

SACMI integrates Phoseon’s UV LED curing technology for their Colora Cap, a new system  created by SACMI for digital cap  printing. SACMI adopted LED technology for instant on/off  capability, perfect depth cure for double white and CMYK,  and consistent cure for food related bottle caps - delivering a safe and reliable end product.

About the Colora Cap Printer
The Colora Cap printer is an oncap  digital printing system that  allows high-definition images  to be printed directly on the  production line without having  to store the caps. The user can  also effect real-time decoration  changeovers simply by switching  to a different graphics file: a  major competitive advantage  for manufacturers, then, in  terms of both output flexibility  – the machine can carry out  any type of on-cap decoration  (e.g. promo campaigns,  events, prizes etc.) – and stock  management, allowing highdefinition  images to be printed  on caps in just a few minutes,  even on small production runs.

Low Migration Process
The Colora Cap printer is also  certified low migration for  use with CMYK low migration  inks. The term Low-Migration  describes a process for UVcured  packaging to ensure  all materials utilized do not  transfer through the package  in quantities that would  affect the final product  safety, odor, or taste. To  meet LM requirements, Good  Manufacturing Practices  (GMP) must be used to ensure  consistent, stable process  control.  UV LED offers excellent through  cure due to the long UV-A  wavelength, which penetrates  through to the media.

LED Light Sources
LED technology offers maximum  UV output with significantly less  energy consumption, along with  cooler operating temperatures  that allow for printing on heat  sensitive substrates. Light  sources are integrated into  printing machines, for a variety  of applications, including  the Colora Cap printer. The  Phoseon FireLine™ is a full cure,  water-cooled UV LED curing  light source. The FireEdge™ is  designed as a simple, innovative  and cost effective, small form  factor air-cooled UV LED curing  lamp for pinning and curing of  inks, coatings and adhesives.

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