Saijet | Label Printing Case Study

Saijet roll-to-roll digital color inkjet printer with UV LED pinning capability enabled by Phoseon's FireEdge. Back to Case Studies page.

Saijet Chooses Phoseon’s UV LED Curing Products for Roll-to-roll Inkjet Label Printer

Saijet label printer

Saijet today announced the launch of their SJ-WL6160 roll-to-roll digital color inkjet printer with available UV LED pinning capability to be shown at Beijing International Packaging Fair. The Saijet printer is the latest single pass UV inkjet system to utilize Phoseon's FireEdge™ system for “pinning" of the ink droplets to control drop gain and provide superior image quality.

The FireEdge is designed as a simple, low cost, small form factor UV LED system for "pinning" applications where the requirement is to "freeze" the ink jet drop without fully curing. The first product of this family has a native emitting area of 75mm x 5mm but systems can be scaled linearly in 75mm increments without affecting pinning uniformity.

“FireEdge has proved its capability in several production UV inkjet systems" commented Tommy Yuen, Sales Manager Asia for Phoseon Technology, “and we expect the Saijet SJ-WL6160 roll-to-roll digital color inkjet printer will once again prove the image quality advantages provided by UV LED pinning systems."
If you are interested in learning more about how SLM technology can enhance your operation, contact Phoseon to arrange an on-site demonstration or have our applications team test your UV printing products in our lab.

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