Inkjet Card Printing Solutions - Case Study

Buskro integrates Phoseon's LED curing technology for their printing process, offering less maintenance, and a more environmentally friendly solution. Back to Case Studies page.

Buskro card personalization systems with LED curing from Phoseon

Buskro is a pioneer in variable digital print and has over 25 years of experience in the development and integration of a variety of print platforms.

Buskro integrates Phoseon's LED curing technology for their printing process, offering less maintenance, and a more environmentally friendly solution. Buskro adopted LED technology because of the longer lifetime, increased process stability, less heat from the lamp and faster curing speeds.

Aurora and 2500/5100
Enabled with LED curing technology, the Aurora inkjet system is perfect for imaging onto the widest variety of substrates including coated paper, plastics and even metal, all at high speeds. Dry time and versatility are not very useful without exceptional print quality. The Aurora inkjet system produces sharp, crisp, dark images at resolutions up to 660 DPI.  Buskro's BKLED-75 and BKLED-150 curing modules with Phoseon's FireJet™ LED light source completes the solution. Built in security features and UV light shielding have been incorporated to provide the highest level of safety for users and the unique design allows for quick and easy lamp repositioning to optimize curing conditions. Buskro offers LED curing options to suit any UV print application.

LED Light Sources
The FireJet is a high-capability air-cooled UV LED curing light source aimed primarily at UV Inkjet systems and is capable of curing at the highest speeds for digital printing systems.

The compact light sources offer advanced capability and increased production speeds for card personalization. The LEDs are instant on/off, so the UV is only on when ink curing has to occur. This saves energy and increases the life of the unit even further. With virtually no maintenance, low operating cost, and faster throughput, UV LED curing is the ideal choice for high-resolution variable data printing on a wide variety of substrates.

About Buskro
Buskro is the leading global manufacturer of industrial inkjet printing equipment for mail and print imaging. Buskro specializes in inkjet imaging equipment, inline and standalone transport bases, and inline tabbing and labeling systems. For more information, visit: