Digital Printing of Boards - Case Study

Barberán utilizes UV LED curing technology for single pass digital printing. Back to Case Studies page.

UV LED Curing for Printing on Decorative Surfaces

Barberan Printer

The Barberán digital printing machine JetMaster 1260 offers the ability to create a wood-grain look on diverse materials with UV LED and inkjet printing. Digital images can be printed on surfaces made of cardboard, wood, melamine, paper, particle board, MDF, HDF and similar materials. By using a combination of pinning and LED full-cure lamps, realistic 'look' and more importantly 'feel' is enabled by creating texture to mimic the grains of natural wood. This is especially valuable in decorative and accent applications.

Barberan JetMaster 1260
With the Barberán Digital Single- Pass Technology, the inkjet printing machine JetMaster 1260 is able to print on every type of substrate, as there is no physical contact with the workpiece. The conveyor belt includes a vacuum system to hold down the workpieces to prevent physical contact. These substrates are prepared so that the digital printing is performed as efficiently as possible and ink costs are controlled. Some of the top features of the printer include: high quality printing on multiple substrate types, prints 10 to 60 linear meters/min, and has excellent color intensity with over 1400 dpi optical resolution. This printing machine can change design instantaneously during the process and requires minimal maintenance and personnel costs.


• Furniture
• Kitchens
• Flooring
• Doors and windows
• Frames and profiles
• Decorations (plastic and glass)
• Decoration sectors
• Customized design on foils for wrapping profiles
• Interior designs

UV LED Curing Technology
Barberán utilizes Phoseon's UV LED light sources to increase the speed and improve the quality of print, including gloss and matte control. The small size of the light sources makes them ideal for machines with limited space. These solutions enable users to process a variety of materials, including heat sensitive and thin substrates, at maximum production speeds with low input power requirements.

About Barberán
Barberán was established in 1929. Since then, they have continued to deliver the best solutions in coating, printing, drying, profile wrapping, laminating, postforming, profile sanding and a wide range of complementary machines. For more information regarding Barberán visit:

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