Adhesive Curing - Case Study

Satisloh's Nucleo System cures up to 100 lenses per hour with UV LED technology. Back to Case Studies page.

Adhesive Curing for Optical Manufacturing

adhesive curing

Satisloh's Nucleo-Blocker system offers a new technique for optical manufacturing that utilizes Phoseon's UV LED curing systems for adhesive curing of lenses. This new On-Block technique allows for a highly efficient manufacturing process.

The Nucleo system cures the adhesive within seconds and replaces the lenses in the original tray at a rate of up to 100 lenses per hour. The new system meets the long demanded full support and environmentally-friendly blocking solution.

The organic block and adhesive protects the lens front surface which eliminates the need for taping. Nucleo-Blocker probes the exact geometry of the front curve, which allows the system to accurately position the lenses on the block piece and in addition offers the possibility to detect front curve errors on spherical blanks. The machinable organic block offers the possibility of full surface support. This provides increased accuracy when direct surfacing complex lens designs – especially with knife edge lenses or plus lenses with oval shapes. Phoseon's UV light curing method is used to cure the adhesive layer. The Nucleo blocking system is paired with a matching automated de-blocking system, thus enabling a lab to fully automate its surfacing operation. The deblocking system will separate block piece, adhesive and lens and cleans the lens afterwards.

Nucleo is not only a new, full support and environmentally friendly blocking and de-blocking technique superior to alloy blocking. It is also the first step into Satisloh's “On-Block Manufacturing" concept, where the lens will stay on the Nucleo-block through all manufacturing steps including coating and edging, hence allowing for ultimate process integration with full automation.

If you are interested in learning more about how UV LED curing technology can enhance your operation, contact Phoseon to arrange an on-site demonstration or have our applications team test your UV printing products in our lab.