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Case Study: MPS Integrates Led Curing from Phoseon Technology

MPS offers flexo and offset press solutions ranging from cost-efficient to advanced, fully-automated machinery, serving all segments of the self-adhesive label, flexible packaging, printing and converting industries. MPS integrates Phoseon's high-performance LED curing technology into their six-color MPS EF 340 flexographic printing presses. 

MPS Case Study November 2017 >>

MPS Press Enabled with LED at GM Graphix 

Application: UV LED Technology for Filament Coating

High demand for coated filaments across a wide and growing spectrum of applications, ranging from cell phones to fabrics, is causing manufacturers to increasingly turn to Phoseon’s Technology’s revolutionary UV LED curing because of the advantages it offers compared with traditional UV or arc light curing methods.


There are many types of coated filaments, ranging from copper wire covered with a thin layer of insulation used in everyday appliances, to coated threads used in specialized clothing materials that improve athletic performance, personal comfort and protection from the elements.


Until recently, manufacturers cured the coating on filaments using UV or arc lights. Now an increasing number of manufacturers utilize Phoseon Technology’s UV LED curing for filament coating because it produces faster and more consistent results than traditional curing methods.


The communications industry is fueling increasing demand for coated filaments, with needs ranging from fiber optic cable to copper wire.


UV LED Curing for Filament Coating

Technology: Energy Efficient LED

LED technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years. Improvements in technology have enabled LEDs to achieve among the highest efficiencies of available light sources. With these advancements, LED technology provides an energy-saving replacement for mercury lamps. UV LED light sources efficiently convert 20-40% of the input electrical power into usable UV light with no harmful UV-C or infrared exposure. That efficiency translates into up to significant power and heat savings over mercury based lamps.  

LED light sources can offer more than 50% energy savings and increase productivity significantly compared to mercury arc lamps. The start-up time for the LED light sources is instant, saving up to thirty minutes production time per day compared to mercury lamps. They also save energy because they do not have to be kept on. 

Label converter GM Graphix decided to reduce carbon footprint while improving energy efficiency using solar power and LED technology. Combining the efficiency of UV LED curing technology with solar power delivers significant energy savings for flexographic printing.The solar panels at GM Graphix generate enough energy to run the press for 5.5 hours each day and the electrical consumption is currently 30 percent less than their other flexo presses. 


Phoseon Lighting the Way: FireJet™ FJ601

Phoseon Technology announced the new FireJet™ FJ601 UV LED curing solution which simplifies retrofits with a self-contained air-cooled design. With a form-factor optimized for narrow web presses, the FireJet FJ601 is ideal for a wide variety of flexographic, web offset and rotary screen applications.

The new air-cooled solution offers customers process stability with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure™ technology that provides users with stable, consistent and precise UV curing output. TargetCure enables converters to confidently run Food and Medical Safe jobs using LED Low Migration inks in addition to standard label and shrink-film jobs. The consistent and stable output of the FJ601 provides repeatable results with each run for a high-yield process.

Phoseon’s FJ601 light sources deliver high-power output for press speeds up to 750fpm (230m/min), and are available for typical web-widths ranging from 8-20 inches (200-500mm). FJ601 is a low-maintenance solution with simple air filter replacements — no tools required.

Phoseon offers fully integrated LED retrofit solutions for narrow-web printing that consist of station-by station building blocks including light sources and the Flex Tower modular power and control system.  Phoseon’s LED technology offers converters the ability to print on thin heat sensitive substrates at faster curing speeds with a more reliable curing process.


FireJet FJ601

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C-Touch Shenzhen 2017

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