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Application: SACMI Cap Printing & Decorating Systems with LED Curing by Phoseon

SACMI integrates Phoseon’s UV LED curing technology for their Colora Cap, a new system created by SACMI for digital cap printing. SACMI adopted LED technology for instant on/off capability, perfect depth cure for double white and CMYK, and consistent cure for food related bottle caps - delivering a safe and reliable end product.

Sacmi Colora Cap Case Study March 2017

SACMI Colora Cap Inkjet Printer

Phoseon FireLine™ and FireEdge™ FE300

Application: Low-migration

UV LED curing continues to grow at a rapid pace, with broad usage across digital inkjet printing, adhesives and coatings. As it moves further into the more traditional printing processes of flexographic and screen-printing, the UV LED ecosystem is creating low-migration processes that will enable food packaging to become the next major market that realizes UV LED curing benefits.

Low-migration packaging is a process used in food packaging industry to designate materials involved in the packaging structure whose components will not migrate, or move, from the packaging into the product.

UV LED technology benefits in conjunction with low-migration printing processes makes for an ideal application. LED offers excellent through cure due to the narrow LED wavelength (UVA). It offers more than 20,000 hours of operation with only minimal power drop over time. 

This process stability is very important to product manufacturers as they can ensure their products are cured consistently run after run without having to worry about bulb degradation. Additionally, UV LED technology provides a uniform output across the print width which again ensures fully cured product.

The Low Migration Process with UV LED Curing »

          UV LED solutions for low-migration

Technology: How to Keep Your Cooled Water System Running for Years

Phoseon offers several water-cooled light sources. Water cooling is the most efficient way to remove excess heat from any device. Water cooling is a closed system, consisting of water channels internal to the light source, an external cooler or chiller, and the water lines connecting the two. 

The cooling water runs through the light source to transfer heat away from the UV LEDs, and the chiller or cooler then removes the excess heat from the water before it is circulated back to the light source. Proper setup and regular maintenance of the water cooling system is necessary.

The most important factor extending water-cooled lamp lifetime is proper management of cooling water. 

Remember these key points:

1. Use distilled water only. Do not use tap water or deionized water. They are harmful to the cooling system.

2. Use an anti-corrosion additive (25%). Water is very corrosive to metals, so protection against corrosion is essential.

3. Add an algaecide during the initial water fill and when water is added or replaced.

4. Avoid conditions that cause condensation to form on the water lines and inside the light source.

5. Use a flow switch or other safeguard to insure the light source is not enabled without cooling water.

Phoseon Lighting the Way: FireJet™ FJ100 and FireLine™ FL400

Increased Performance and Power

Phoseon Technology announced the release of the updated FireLine FL400 LED curing solution, which increases the power of the system by 25% - up to 24W/cm². The FireLine FL400 is designed for the most demanding printing, coatings and adhesive curing applications and is now available with increased performance. The solution is scalable to support custom length options, and offers exceptional optical uniformity for consistent and reliable curing for the most demanding industrial printing applications.

Phoseon Techology also increased the peak intensity of the FireJet FJ100 LED curing solution by 50%, up to 12W/cm². The FireJet FJ100 provides an ideal combination of size and power for space constrained environments requiring high intensity curing performance. With WhisperCool™ and TargetCure™ technology, the FJ100 provides reliable, consistent performance at a quiet operating level.  

FireLine FL400 and FireJet FJ100

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Pittcon 2017 Conference & Expo

2017 March 05 – 09

McCormick Place – West Hall Booth #5004 Chicago, IL

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2017 March 08 – 11

Booth #2H-B1504 National Exhibition and Convention Center Shanghai, China

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AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

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2017 March 22 – 23

Lambeau Field Atrium Green Bay, WI

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2017 March 28 – 30

Booth #B0/402 Messe München Munich, Germany

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2017 March 29 – 31


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