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Case Study: Desmedt Integrates LED Curing from Phoseon Technology

Since 1889 Desmedt has been an innovative player in label printing and packaging solutions. Over the years they have strived to stay ahead of the competition by implementing the latest technology. Desmedt has 32 print stations now configured with UV LED. Since implementing Phoseon's UV LED Curing technology, they have seen an increase in productivity and a 25-30% decrease in operating costs.

 Not only is time and money being saved, but because of Phoseon, it has allowed for Desmedt to concentrate on the quality of print rather than just how fast the ink is drying and has given them the ability to explore printing on other substrates. Click here to see the full story of how Phoseon’s UV LED Curing technology has helped Desmedt Labels. 

Application: OLED Display Curing

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) devices are becoming widely desirable and have been referred to as the, “future of display.” An OLED display has several advantages over Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) including, simpler structure resulting in better power efficiency, thinner design, better picture quality, and faster response time.   

With the increased demand for OLED based touchscreens, electronic manufactures are increasingly turning to Phoseon Technology’s UV LED curing for its many benefits in bonding applications for OLED flat panel manufacturing. Benefits to manufacturers include high productivity, environmentally safe and friendly, and a reliable solution to how these products are cured.

One of the most exciting features of OLED displays is that they can be made flexible, which is essential for bendable/foldable display devices – an attractive feature for customers and industries in the near future. Curing the encapsulation layer of the OLED display is essential to prevent the display from damage due to the elements over the course of its lifetime. 


 Learn more about Phoseon’s LED Curing solution for OLED encapsulation.


Technology: Irradiance vs Power

In the printing industry, professionals have used an array of techniques from forced air to infrared heat to dry inks for everything from newspapers to screen printing on glass to food packages. In industrial applications, heat from traditional ultraviolet (UV) or arc lights is often used to cure adhesives, coatings, and paints and varnishes.

Historically, these methods have worked with various degrees of success, albeit with excessive heat and limited control of the final product, often resulting in less-than-perfect results and excessive scrappage.   

While many manufacturers continue to use a broad range of techniques for their curing applications, an increasing number are embracing UV LED due to its numerous benefits, including higher yields, reduced scrap, lower running costs and precision control. As companies transition to Phoseon UV LED systems, it is important to understand the difference between peak irradiance vs. total power of a lamp for your application needs.

Furthermore, the UV output from UV LED curing systems remains consistent over the life of the device and provides a more uniform result than arc and microwave lamps. That means tighter process control, less downtime, greater plant utilization and an overall better and more consistent product.

Get the Application Note here.

Phoseon Lighting the Way: FJ100

Increased Performance and Power

Phoseon Techology has increased the peak intensity of the FireJet FJ100 LED curing solution by 50%, up to 12W/cm². The FireJet FJ100 provides an ideal combination of size and power for space constrained environments requiring high intensity curing performance. With WhisperCool™ and TargetCure™ technology, the FJ100 provides reliable, consistent performance at a quiet operating level.  

The FireJet line of air-cooled UV LED curing lamps is aimed primarily at UV Inkjet wide format systems and is capable of curing at the highest speeds for small, medium and grand format digital printing systems. It's also ideal for many large single pass UV inkjet and wood coating applications.

FireJet FJ100

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