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Controlling RNase with High Intensity UV LED

High irradiance UV-C LED when combined with appropriate wavelengths, targets specific chemical bonds and molecular interactions in DNA, RNA and proteins as well as within microorganisms and biomolecules. This allows shorter inactivation times while improving overall efficacy of the disinfection. The high absolute irradiance of these new solutions enable high throughput processes in pharmaceutical, sequencing, air handling and manufacturing facilities.

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KeyView™ Smart Engine+

Phoseon's KeyView™ Smart Engine+ uses solid-state light sources to generate stable, cool, long-lasting light at 220 nm with intensity up to 1 mW and a coherent beam. Such a light source is ideal for elemental analysis, protein detection and other analytical and imaging applications.

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Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM)™ Technology

Phoseon patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM) technology encapsulates LEDs, arrays, optics and cooling to maximize UV LED performance. Each of these four components are strictly engineered into a system that offers unmatched levels of deep UV irradiance, which enable significant process improvements in the field of Life Sciences, including faster analysis and operations, and increased capabilities for disinfection and decontamination applications that require low wavelengths.

The Rising Cost of RNase-free Water

Did you know?

Did you know that Non-DEPC-treated RNase-free water can cost up to $5.26 per mL? Depending on volume and source, this can add up quickly. One liter of 22.8 mL vials can cost over $5,000!

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Phoseon Technology’s UV LEDs Detect and Disinfect

The usual suspect: solving the case of RNase contamination in RNA analysis

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About the Author

Theresa L. Thompson, PhD joined Phoseon Technology in November 2016 as Application Scientist. Prior to Phoseon, Dr. Thompson was Chief Science Officer at Chimerochem, LLC and Vice President and Director of Research and Development at Dimera Incorporated before that. At Phoseon, Dr. Thompson is the lead Application Scientist focused on developing innovative LED technology for Life Sciences.

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