New Air-Cooled Products Offer 16W/cm² Peak Irradiance

Comes with both TargetCure Technology and WhisperCool Technology

Phoseon introduces the next generation FireJet™ FJ200 LED curing solution, its highest UV power air-cooled light array with peak irradiance up to 16W/cm². The new solution is designed for the most demanding printing, coatings and area curing applications, with availability in May 2016. The FireJet family of products comes in a scalable form factor to accommodate various curing lengths for ease of installation and low maintenance.

The new FireJet FJ200 solution will come equipped with Phoseon’s new TargetCure and WhisperCool patented technologies. TargetCure Technology delivers precise, stable and consistent curing, and WhisperCool Technology offers a low noise solution with increased UV output. These are the first of several new technologies Phoseon is bringing to the market in 2016 to improve customer’s capabilities.

Stacy Fender, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Phoseon Technology says, “The new FireJet brings customers a high-performance, reliable solution that translates directly to increased productivity and improved profitability. This new product comes with TargetCure Technology that offers less maintenance, and WhisperCool Technology that offers a low noise solution.”