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Dec 2014

Developments for UV LED Curing

Users of UV LED curing can expand their application range, achieve better quality and use less energy by working with chemistry companies and equipment developers, as Phoseon highlights. more »

Nov 2014

LED Finish Curing Tunnel Added at Architectural Moulding Plant

LED Finish Curing Tunnel Added at Architectural Moulding Plant. more »

Aug 2014

UV LED Systems Cure Heat-sensitive Wood Coatings Quickly

UV LED technology allows users to cure a variety of heat-sensitive substrates that have previously been unusable with traditional UV arc lamps. more »

Jul 2014

紫外LED 固化技术进展 (Chinese)

2013 年是紫外LED 技术应用强劲增长的一年。在过去的几年,有关紫外固化技术应用的效率和效在业界一直充满争议。 more »

Jun 2014

Wood Coatings with UV LED Curing: A Focus on Heat

This paper discusses the characteristics and benefits of UV-LED curing systems for wood coating applications, including recent temperature test comparisons, and reviews formulating strategies for optimizing the performance of UV-LED systems. more »
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