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Sep 2017

锋翔科技倾力打造汽车工业与运输业应用中的LED固化技术 (Chinese)

作者: Jennifer Heathcote, 地区销售经理,锋翔科技 — 锋翔科技倾力打造汽车工业与运输业应用中的LED固化技术 more »

Oct 2016

The Misunderstandings and Realities of UV LED Curing Technology (Chinese)

在工业丝网印刷、柔版印刷、胶印生产和数字喷墨中,UV LED光固化技术已成为主要的固化方法。得益于技术开发者和油墨生产商的生产协作,一些对于UV LED光固化技术的早期担忧现在已经慢慢消失。 如果你对UV LED光固化技术是否能提高装饰印刷工艺仍有疑虑,请看下列关于UV LED固化技术的五个误区。 more »

Apr 2016

New Revenue Opportunities

Stacy Hoge outlines some of the benefits of working with LED curing technology — LED curing technology opens the door to new revenue opportunities with more press uptime, higher yields, and the ability to print on heat-sensitive substrates, offering increased profitability for printers. Solutions offer higher print quality, faster curing speeds, and a more reliable curing process. New profit streams become available with the LED technology benefits, in addition to saving energy and eliminating replacement part costs. more »

Jun 2014

UV LED 对于特种印刷市场的影响 (Chinese)

UV LED 对于特种印刷市场的影响 more »

Feb 2014

UV LED's Impact in the Speciality Printing Market

Stacy Hoge looks at examples of this curing technology in practical applications — Ultraviolet LEDs (UV LED) are taking their place as a mainstream curing technology in many different printing applications. more »
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