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UV LED Curing Technology

Ultraviolet curing technology is utilised for drying coatings and other UV-sensitive materials through polymerisation. UV light emitting diode improves on that existing process by enabling thinner, heat-sensitive substrates, while reducing harmful byproducts such as ozone and improving workplace safety. Additionally, UV LEDs can be turned on and off instantly, utilising input power efficiently to enable lower operation costs over the application lifetime.

As UV LED curing technology continues to gain worldwide adoption, it is important to keep in mind some of the important  key features that build a robust product optimised for high performance and long lifetime.  There are  many product options on the market for UV LED but not all o f them are built to  support rugged and industrial environments. Reliability is very important for UV curing so make sure to find a supplier that does highly accelerated life testing  (HALT) to confirm the products are proven to be reliable. In addition, product engineering is also an important key feature when selecting a UV LED supplier.

UV output continues to improve every year, opening the door to new high-performance applications. 

UV output continues to improve every year, opening the door to new high-performance applications. Water-cooled UV LED curing products are now available on the market with 12W/cm²  peak irradiance at 365n m wavelength. Scalable air-cooled products are available at 8W/cm² peak irradiance at 365nm wavelength. These high-performance products are ideally suited for curing adhesives and coat­ ings w here 365nm is the specified wavelength . The high peak intensity increases application performance and through put to levels that we re not previously possible.

UV LED curing is now an accepted user-friendly tool in adhesive, coating and printing markets. These industries continue to challenge and drive the formulation/chemical material  suppliers with  UV LED wavelength optimised materials.

End users are increasnigly asking equipment manufacturers for LED opt ions and the market-leading vendors are responding. Confronted with such exciting and rapidly evolvnig technology, system builders and end users are closely monitoring the ever-changing UV LED curing landscape.