The Converter Experience with LED Curing

FlexoTech Magazine

UV LED curing technology opens the door to new revenue opportunities with the ability to print on heat sensitive and thinner substrates, offering increased profitability for printers and converters.

Phoseon solutions offer higher print quality, faster curing speeds, and a more reliable curing process. New revenue streams become available with the unique UV LED technology benefits, in addition to saving energy and eliminating replacement part costs.

LED curing technology offers many benefits that will increase printing capability and generate more revenue. Here are some contributing factors from users:

Faster Throughput:  Presses with LED perform at 20-30% faster speeds on average, assuming other portions of the workflow can operate at the higher speeds

Less Heat:  With no IR heat, converters using UV LED technology can add new capability to a press, previously unable to run thin and heat-sensitive films, eliminating the need for chill rolls.

Greater Stability:  Because of the uniformity and long-term consistency of LED lights, designers can develop safer, more stable, and more reliable processes for low-migration printing. LEDs last more than 20,000 hours of operation, with only a minimal drop-off in power over the life of the curing unit.

More Compact Designs: Floor space is valuable in all types of businesses. LED light sources can be used to build more compact presses, with shorter web paths that minimise waste.