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Sep 2017

锋翔科技UV LED固化技术广泛应用于制造业诸多领域 (Chinese)

从手机到织物,十分广泛且仍在扩大的应用领域对附涂层丝线的需求高涨,使得制造商纷纷改用锋翔推出的革命性 UV LED 固化技术,因为其相较于传统 UV 或弧光灯固化手段具有独到的优势。 more »

Manufacturers Increasingly Turn to UV LED Technology for Filament Coating

​High demand for coated filaments across a wide and growing spectrum of applications ranging from cell phones to fabrics, is causing manufacturers to increasingly turn to Phoseon Technology’s revolutionary UV LED curing. more »
UV Curing

Phoseon Releases Two New Products

The company debuted the FirePower™ FP601 and FireJet™ FJ601 — Phoseon released two new products – the FirePower™ FP601 and FireJet™ FJ601 – the company said will further advance the use of UV-LED curing for narrow-web applications. more »

Aug 2017

为何采用UV LED灯进行木材固化处理?因为其低温特点。(Chinese)

锋翔UV LED固化提供多项优势,引起木材行业的关注 — 因为其低温特点。锋翔UV LED固化提供多项优势,引起木材行业的关注。 more »
Härtung mit LED-UV-Strahlung mit TargetCure

Stay Ahead with Phoseon

Increase Your Capabilities — As the world leader in UV LED curing, Phoseon provides patented LED technology to deliver rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions. more »
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