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Sep 2017

锋翔科技UV LED固化技术广泛应用于制造业诸多领域 (Chinese)

从手机到织物,十分广泛且仍在扩大的应用领域对附涂层丝线的需求高涨,使得制造商纷纷改用锋翔推出的革命性 UV LED 固化技术,因为其相较于传统 UV 或弧光灯固化手段具有独到的优势。 more »

Manufacturers Increasingly Turn to UV LED Technology for Filament Coating

​High demand for coated filaments across a wide and growing spectrum of applications ranging from cell phones to fabrics, is causing manufacturers to increasingly turn to Phoseon Technology’s revolutionary UV LED curing. more »

Aug 2017

Härtung mit LED-UV-Strahlung mit TargetCure

Stay Ahead with Phoseon

Increase Your Capabilities — As the world leader in UV LED curing, Phoseon provides patented LED technology to deliver rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions. more »

Why UV LED Curing Printers are the Better Investment

​The alternative to the mercury UV curing lamp is the UV LED lamp.​ more »

Jul 2017

Phoseon’s UV LED Curing Offers Several Benefits, Capturing Wood Industry’s Attention

Why Cure Wood With UV LED Lamps? Because It’s Cool. — ​From furniture and cabinet doors to parquet flooring, leading companies in wood manufacturing are embracing UV LED curing for wood coatings for several reasons, but mostly because it’s cool. Literally. more »
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