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Apr 2019

RNase: comparing thee to snow on a winter’s day

RNase: comparing thee to snow on a winter’s day — Reproducibility, sustainability and resources are all currently very high on the agenda and more important than ever for lab scientists. Could there now be some solutions to these concerns for those working with RNA? more »

Jul 2018

How It Works: Ultraviolet Decontamination of Laboratory Equipment

Problem: Keeping laboratory equipment clean is a daunting task. Microbes from the air, lingering in places like cardboard boxes, or coming from human skin can threaten the validity of your results. At the same time, costly cleaning procedures threaten research time and productivity. To eliminate RNase A, for example, decontamination procedures range from chemical detergents to rinsing with RNase-free water and autoclaving for hours, both of which cost time and money. Effectively decontaminating equipment at a low operational cost is a constant battle in the lab. more »

Jun 2018

Phoseon Technology’s UV LEDs Detect and Disinfect

Intense, Cool, and Long-Lived, UV LEDs Outshine UV Lamps, May Brighten Imaging Applications more »

The usual suspect: solving the case of RNase contamination in RNA analysis

RNase contamination can cause chaos in RNA analysis labs. What are these problems and how can they be solved? more »

Apr 2018

UV LED Microplate Decontamination System

Phoseon Technology has announced the first in a family of products with the KeyPro KP100 decontamination system. Targeted at RNA researchers and lab managers, the KP100 is a standalone decontamination system that saves time and money. more »
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