UV LED Surface Disinfection for Manufacturing

Food, beverages, cosmetics, medical, pharmaceuticals, household products

High intensity UV LED technology for pathogen reduction deserves serious consideration by manufacturing entities such as food and beverage processing, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics, and other processes where disinfection and decontamination is required. High irradiance, combined with appropriate wavelengths, targets specific bonds in DNA, RNA and proteins within microorganisms and biomolecules. This allows shorter inactivation times while improving overall efficacy of the disinfection. The high absolute irradiance of these new solutions enable high-throughput processes for manufacturing facilities.

Phoseon is the first to develop a 275nm UV LED disinfection system that surpasses 5 W/cm², significantly higher than the 0.3 W/cm² levels reached by other technologies in the market. This milestone development enables us to produce a level of irradiance that provides manufacturers the capability to think and act beyond traditional methodologies. For the past 30 years, low irradiance has limited the efficacy of UV-C solutions. Phoseon has provided a new path based on high power that allows our customers to build high-performance; long-lasting products that save time, lower operating costs and provides improved disinfection capabilities.

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