Complete inactivation of contaminants using high intensity UV LED

High intensity UV LED technology is a new method used in next-generation sequencing for controlling laboratory contamination. Potential biological contaminants are pervasive and invisible in the laboratory. Even miniscule amounts of common enzymes, such as RNase, can make an experimental series inaccurate. Standard techniques for decontaminating laboratory equipment can take hours. See how KeyPro™ compares to conventional RNase decontamination.

Phoseon's KeyPro™ is a standalone microplate decontamination system for labs that require high fidelity RNA library prep, sequencing, and PCR. Utilizing Phoseon’s patented SLM™ technology enables the KeyPro system to increase lab productivity. Complete inactivation of laboratory contaminants, including the hard-to-kill RNase A, can be accomplished by the KeyPro system in under five minutes and at fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  Load reagents and solvents and run your decontamination cycle just prior to adding sample. Don't try that with DEPC!  

Check out the KeyPro product video below to see how it works!