KeyView™ Products for Chromatography and Spectroscopy

Stable, reliable, powerful UV LED

To ensure users have high-performance and consistently accurate products, Phoseon has developed KeyView™  detectors for chromatography and spectroscopy instruments. KeyView uses proprietary and patented LED technology to provide users with a powerful solution that offers precise and predictable UV output. LEDs are inherently low-noise, stable, cool, and controllable. They turn on in milliseconds to full brightness and last for greater than 10,000 hours. Phoseon's KeyView™ Smart Engine+ is ideal for elemental analysis, protein detection and other analytical applications. 

Reliable with Low Noise

Stable output and low noise for a long period of time.

High UV Output

Higher efficacy with lower total power consumption than broad-band sources.

Available Wavelengths

Phoseon’s KeyView can be designed to cover almost any wavelength of interest from 210 nm to 800 nm.