Chromatography & Analytical Instruments

KeyView™ for chromatography and spectroscopy applications

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Conventional optical detection systems for chromatography and spectroscopy are bulky and slow to start. LED-based systems have a number of advantages, such as small size and immediate operation. Phoseon has developed LED-based optical detection technology that can cover a number of wavelengths of interest in a compact package. Phoseon’s solid state light sources provide long life, stable light output, and low heat emission.

KeyView applies the advantages of solid-state light sources to chromatography and spectroscopy instruments. KeyView products leverage Phoseon’s SLM™ technology to improve both performance and ease-of-use over traditional light sources like deuterium, tungsten, and xenon lamps. LEDs are inherently low-noise, stable, cool, and controllable. They turn on in milliseconds to full brightness and last for greater than 10,000 hours.