UV LED Webinar Series

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Webinar 1 - Innovation – Tuesday, April 12, 11am EST

Summary: Beyond productivity and reduced cost benefits, LED curing enables special applications and unique capabilities, and further
innovation advances are happening every day. In this webinar topics such as the status of LED curable low migration inks, the effectiveness of
LED curing on heat sensitive materials, as well as proven capabilities with additional decoration processes (such as cold foil and screen) will
be discussed. Ideal for Operations Managers and Technology / Innovation Agents, presenters will discuss the latest available ink and equipment technologies as well as share real-world application data.

Webinar 2 - Profitability Through Productivity – Tuesday, May 24, 11am EST

 Summary: At the end of the day, your goal is to make more profits. Whether your costs come in the form of maintenance, energy consumption, waste, or down time – you want to reduce them, and UV LED solutions have proven to do just that. Understand how UV LED truly reduces these costs and witness a real-world ROI model.

Webinar 3 - Operational Benefits – Tuesday, June 7, 11am EST
 Summary: Securing and maintaining experienced press operators is getting more and more difficult. Take some of the pressure off your operator and rely more on your press for consistency and stability. UV LED solutions provide excellent benefits to both your personnel and capital investments, resulting in consistency and reliability in your operation.


Greg Palm, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Mark Andy Inc. 

Tom Hammer, Product Manager, North America, Flint Group Packaging & Narrow Web