The Ink Industry at drupa 2016

Ink manufacturers showcase a wide range of new products during world’s largest printing exhibition.

Drupa covers 19 halls and approximately 1.8 million square feet. Among the nearly 2,000 exhibitors on hand this year were many ink manufacturers, who had lots of new products and services to highlight.

EFI made a major announcement at EFI CEO Guy Gecht discussed the company’s new EFI AquaEndure water-based inkjet inks for packaging.

“Everyone has figured out that the combination of water-based inks and UV is a holy grail, but the ability to print it is key. This will really help our inkjet platform become more successful,” Gecht said. He added that AquaEndure will be ready in 2017.

“With the AquaEndure inks, there are a lot of benefits with an aqueous UV ink, in which water is the carrier,” Stephen Emery, VP, Ink Business, Jetrion and Rialco for EFI, added.  “The biggest challenge is eliminating the water. We are very optimistic about our ability to parlay this platform to our other technologies.”

“UV inks are certainly growing,” Emery said.  “Five years ago, we moved to LED, and now almost 100% of our printers are UV LED. We entered into the ceramic market a few years ago, and now it is 65% digital. What we learned from producing ceramic inks is efficiencies and lean practices.  Now we’ve entered textiles and are producing our own reactive ink. It’s a very high growth area.”