Phoseon Technology Delivers New WhisperCool™

Air-cooled LED innovation delivers quiet and high-performance curing

WhisperCool Technology uses proprietary and patented Phoseon innovations to maximum UV output while keeping the sound level to a minimum. This involved utilizing a holistic, system architecture approach combining more than ten years of Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM)™ LED array experience, advanced thermal management, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), and electronic control. This technology will be introduced on Phoseon’s air-cooled lamps in ensuing months.

“Phoseon developed WhisperCool Technology to address the sound level as LED light sources become more powerful, “commented Joe Becker, Product Marketing Manager. “This is the second innovation, after TargetCure™ Technology, Phoseon is bringing to the market in 2016 to improve customer’s curing capabilities.” 

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