Phoseon Presents at AIMCAL Web Coating & Handling Conference is Oct. 9-12 in Memphis, TN

The Growing Viability of UV LED for Wide Web Coating Applications

Jennifer Heathcote from Phoseon presented Tuesday October 11 10:30am - 11:00am. Her presentation explained the basics of UV curing including peak irradiance (Watts/cm²), energy density (Joules/cm²), and spectral wavelength as well as the fundamental differences between electrode, microwave, and UV LED curing systems. The presentation further highlighted the benefits of using UV LED technology, the trends driving its increasing adoption into a wide range of applications, and more importantly its growing viability in wide web applications.

This year’s best technical papers for web coating and vacuum web coating were honored with the annual John Matteucci Award. Jennifer Heathcote received an honorable mention for best paper titled “The Growing Viability of UV LED for Wide-Web Coating Applications.”