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Phoseon Technology Brings UV LED Curing Solutions to LOPEC 2018

Visit the Phoseon booth (402) to learn more about LED curing for printed electronics — Phoseon will showcase the latest UV LED curing solutions for printed electronics at the upcoming Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention (LOPEC) 2018 Conference in Münich, Germany, at stand 402. Read more »

Photoinitiators for UV LED Curing

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is a photopolymerization process that uses UV energy to change a liquid to a solid. Unlike mercury arc lamps, which produce a wide spectrum of radiation in the UV region (UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, etc.), LED UV lights have a narrow spectral output, centered on a specific wavelength. UV materials, such as inks, coatings and adhesives, must be formulated to use photoinitiators that are sensitive to the narrow wavelength range provided by UV LED. Read more »

Breakthrough UV-C LED Performance Enables New Life Science Applications

Phoseon Technology today announces that utilizing its patented SLM™ technology and proprietary thermal management system achieves a breakthrough level of deep-UV irradiance targeted at disinfection and decontamination Life Science applications. Read more »

Phoseon Technology Partners with The Mäder Group and Université Haute Alsace to Demonstrate UV LED Curing Solutions at JEC World 2018

Visit stand E27 to learn more about LED curing for coating and adhesive applications — Phoseon Technology will partner with The Mäder Group and Université Haute Alsace to demonstrate the latest UV LED curing solutions for composite coating applications at the upcoming JEC World 2018 event in Paris, France. Read more »

What is UV Coating?

UV LED curing solutions are being utilized in the coating industry because they offer lower operating costs, enhanced system capabilities due to being a solid-state device, and environmental benefits of safer workplace environment and no hazardous materials. UV LED technology allows users to cure a variety of heat-sensitive substrates that have previously been unusable with traditional UV arc lamps. Application areas in UV coating include: wood and vinyl, automotive, musical instruments, fixtures and many others. Read more »
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