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UV LED Systems Cure Heat-sensitive Wood Coatings Quickly

UV LED technology allows users to cure a variety of heat-sensitive substrates that have previously been unusable with traditional UV arc lamps. Read more »

UV LED Curing: Delivering Dramatic Process Improvements

Ultraviolet (UV) LED curing technology improves existing manufacturing processes. Read more »

BDT Media, Fujifilm and Phoseon to Collaborate

BDT Media Automation, Fujifilm Dimatix and Phoseon Technology have agreed to work together to develop a complete digital printing system for packaging applications. Read more »

紫外LED 固化技术进展 (Chinese)

2013 年是紫外LED 技术应用强劲增长的一年。在过去的几年,有关紫外固化技术应用的效率和效在业界一直充满争议。 Read more »

Wood Coatings with UV LED Curing: A Focus on Heat

This paper discusses the characteristics and benefits of UV-LED curing systems for wood coating applications, including recent temperature test comparisons, and reviews formulating strategies for optimizing the performance of UV-LED systems. Read more »
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