New financing options make it easier to retrofit with Phoseon UV LED curing systems and “Convert More”

For flexographic printers, getting more production out of your current presses can be a real headache. Put simply, you need to convert MORE. But printing processes based on mercury lamp or other curing processes limit production optimization while driving up operating costs.

UV LED solutions from Phoseon are the answer. You can convert more by increasing throughput and production uptime with UV LED retrofit packages that can be customized to fit your unique press requirements.

New leasing and payment plan financing options make a UV LED retrofit more accessible than ever.

Now Phoseon makes tossing out old mercury lamp curing systems a much easier proposition through new leasing and payment plan financing options designed to match your business needs.

Your first step: find out how a retrofit can improve your business results. Check out these resources:

Case study “Central Valley Labels, Inc. Boosts Throughput and Uptime with Phoseon™ UV LED Solutions™ UV LED Solutions - When Central Valley Labels switched to printing using Phoseon UV LED solutions, it discovered that it could cut production times in half, reduce unproductive downtime and save money on maintenance and energy.
UV LED Retrofit Video - This short video will give you an overview of what happens in a Phoseon UV LED retrofit project.
ROI calculator - Our Flexo-Press pay-back tool and ROI calculator show how quickly a Phoseon UV LED retrofit can contribute to growing your business.

Now, find out how much more accessible a UV LED retrofit can be with Phoseon’s new financing options: 36-48 month leases or 24-36 month payment plans, both with professional installation and training and subject to availability and credit approval.

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