Phoseon Technology’s UV LEDs Detect and Disinfect

Intense, Cool, and Long-Lived, UV LEDs Outshine UV Lamps, May Brighten Imaging Applications Read more »

The usual suspect: solving the case of RNase contamination in RNA analysis

RNase contamination can cause chaos in RNA analysis labs. What are these problems and how can they be solved? Read more »

How LEDs Emit Light

Most people are familiar with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in their everyday life, from car headlights to overhead lighting to mobile phones to street lighting. LEDs are on their way to becoming the dominant light source due to long lifetime, low energy consumption and almost infinite format capabilities. But how do they work? Read more »

Phoseon Technology Exhibits Solid State Solutions for Life Sciences at ASM Microbe 2018

Visit Phoseon booth 1103 to learn more about innovative solid state solutions for life sciences applications — While at the show, attend the poster presentation, Poster 652, “Enzyme Activity Modulation by LED and UV-LED,” authored by Theresa L. Thompson, Application Scientist/Engineer at Phoseon Technology. “RNase-free reagents and surfaces are key for RNA library preparation. Read more »

UV LED Microplate Decontamination System

Phoseon Technology has announced the first in a family of products with the KeyPro KP100 decontamination system. Targeted at RNA researchers and lab managers, the KP100 is a standalone decontamination system that saves time and money. Read more »
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