Phoseon Technology Exhibits UV LED Curing Solutions at APPPEXPO 2018

Visit the Phoseon booth 2H-B1504 to learn more about LED curing for digital printing applications — Phoseon will showcase the latest UV LED curing solutions for digital printing applications at the upcoming APPPEXPO 2018 event in Shanghai, China. Read more »

Photoinitiators for UV LED Curing

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is a photopolymerization process that uses UV energy to change a liquid to a solid. Unlike mercury arc lamps, which produce a wide spectrum of radiation in the UV region (UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, etc.), LED UV lights have a narrow spectral output, centered on a specific wavelength. UV materials, such as inks, coatings and adhesives, must be formulated to use photoinitiators that are sensitive to the narrow wavelength range provided by UV LED. Read more »

Phoseon sees new opportunities for UV LED

UV LED curing systems offer better performance and quality control than conventional sources, the company says. — UV LED curing technology presents numerous opportunities for wide web applications. Read more »

UV LED Technology on the Horizon for Wide Web Applications

Laminating Adhesives, Coatings and Inks — UV LED curing technology presents numerous opportunities for wide web applications due to all of its inherent advantages. Read more »

UV LED Curing Technology Brings New Revenue Opportunities

UV LED curing technology opens the door to new applications and new revenue opportunities with the ability to print on heat sensitive and thinner substrates, offering increased profitability for printers and converters. Read more »
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