Increase Lab Effectiveness with KeyPro™ Decontamination System

The KeyPro™ KP100 system is the first in a family of products designed specifically to take advantage of Phoseon’s SLM™ LED Technology for Life Sciences applications. The KP100 is initially targeted at microplate, preparatory slide, and small surface area decontamination by utilizing a scanning array of UV LEDs in combination with an adjustable height platform. The primary benefit is increased lab effectiveness by saving both time and money. Lab managers first realize increase in productivity due to reducing decontamination times by up to 90 percent over traditional DEPC and autoclave methods.

Second, laboratory resources are better utilized by saving up to 90% of the cost of traditional decontamination and drastically reduces consumables and disposal costs.

The KeyPro system utilizes Phoseon’s patented SLM™ technology (read related article) that provides a myriad of benefits. Since lab space is always at a premium, the KeyPro’s compact size, integrated user interface, and low power requirements make it simple to incorporate into existing space and workflows. Further productivity gains are realized using stored ‘recipes’ of standard protocols for frequently used process steps. These recipes can be modified as needed or additional recipes added as new tests are defined.