Fiber Optic Manufacturers Double Draw Speed With UV LED Curing

Exploding global demand for optical fiber fuels demand for UV LED fast-curing technology — With global demand historically high for fiber optic cable, manufacturers are turning increasingly to Phoseon Technology’s fifth-generation ultraviolet LED curing systems to increase output, reduce maintenance and electrical costs and improve process control. Read more »

Phoseon Technology to Sponsor BCF Print Forum 2018

Attend the forum to learn more about UV LED curing for printing & coating applications — Phoseon will sponsor “The BCF’s Print Forum: Throwing Light on UV LED,” for print to be held on 2nd October, in Edinburgh Scotland and 9th October, in Sutton Coldfield West Midlands. Read more »


PHOSEON CONTINUES TO EXPAND AND IMPROVE IN RESPONSE TO THE MARKET. — Phoseon is the innovative leader in UV LED solutions for life sciences and industrial curing applications, and it continues to focus on new capabilities to meet clients' needs. Read more »
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