Wood Coatings - UV Curing Products

UV LED curing technology is ideally suited for the wood coatings industry for applications such as edge coating, roller coating and digital printing. UV LED technology drastically reduces energy consumption and significantly reduces work-piece surface temperature. Back to wood coatings overview.


UV Curing Products - Wood Coatings

Phoseon Technology has a variety of products such as the FireLine and FireJet that are ideal for wood coating and can scale to cover any conveyor width. The consistent UV output enables end users to run their production lines at maximum speeds. Phoseon's patented SLM® technology provides intense UV output, while using a fraction of the power required with traditional UV arc lamps.

Industrial processes require products that can work in tough, sometimes harsh environments. This makes LED curing ideal for wood coatings applications. In addition, automated processes work well with UV LED curing lamps due to being a solid-state, semiconductor based device that allows for virtually instantaneous on-off or pulsing of the UV energy.