Wood Coatings - UV Curing Benefits

Phoseon's UV LED curing solutions are ideal for wood coatings applications because they offer enhanced system capabilities due to being a solid state device, lower operating costs and environmental benefits of a safer workplace environment with no hazardous materials. Back to wood coatings overview.


UV LED Curing - Wood Coatings

UV LED curing solutions are being utilized in the wood coating industry because they offer highly reliable UV curing due to being a solid-state device. They provide deep through-cure in course-grain woods and allow low surface temperatures that enable cheaper raw inputs.

UV LED Curing with traditional UV curing vs. UV LED (Courtesy of Sherwin Williams)

UV LED technology allows for coating on a variety of heat sensitive substrates. For more information regarding UV LED for wood coatings, download our documentation: Wood Coatings Overview, White Paper or Frequently Asked Questions.