UV LED Curing for Narrow Web Converters

Below are some examples of installations for flexo and narrow web applications.If you are interested in learning more about how UV LED curing can enhance your printing process, contact Phoseon to arrange an on-site demonstration or at one of our ink partner’s development centers.

UV LED Adoption

Flint Group and Phoseon Technology work with Constantia Flexibles to adopt LED UV
Constantia Flexibles is pleased to announce the inception of LED UV technology at Constantia Flexibles (Spear) in Mason, Ohio USA. The Mason plant ultimately experienced over 50% run speed improvements with UV flexo and screen inks. In addition, the LED UV system used 25% of the power that a conventional mercury system used. The combination of power savings and increased run speed sealed the deal for Constantia Flexibles. The lamps chosen for the Spear plant are Phoseon Technology LED lamps and the LED UV inks by Flint Group Narrow Web are the under the brand name of EkoCure.

Mark Andy, Flint Group and Phoseon team up to implement UV LED technology for flexo
Flexo Printing is recognizing the fast-growing development of UV LED curing and ink products in the narrow web flexo industry, the R&D team at Mark Andy has created ProLED, a complete and integrated curing system based on Phoseon FirePower™ UV LED curing system.