Flexographic Printing - New Capability

Phoseon's patented UV LED curing technology offers new capability for converters. The intense UV output paired with UV LED flexo inks achieved record press running speeds. The low heat output enables new capabilities such as heat-sensitive materials, unsupported films, and thinner substrates while requiring less maintenance and energy. Request more information about Phoseon's retrofit solutions. Back to flexographic printing overview.

New Capability

Due to the long wavelength range of UV LED, it has the ability to cure previously difficult inks with reliably higher quality at faster speeds. UV LED inks are available with colors matched to traditional inks for a smooth transition. Check with your ink supplier for details.

UV LED Capabilities:

  • Higher quality opaque whites & dense blacks
  • Multiple thick layers cured all the way through with good inter-layer adhesion
  • Low/high Coefficient of Friction (COF) whites for shrink application
  • UV Metallic range
  • Fluorescent colors without fading
  • Wide range of coatings
  • UV adhesives, both for lamination and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA), as well as for cold foil
  • Low migration/food packaging

Substrates & Applications

With no IR heat, converters using UV LED technology can add new capability to a press, previously unable to run thin and heat sensitive films, eliminating the need for chill rolls.

Proven Substrates:

  • Heat sensitive films (shrink/unsupported)
  • 0.75 to 2 mil BOPP
  • 64% PVC shrink film
  • Semi-Gloss
  • 1.4 mil Polypropylene
  • 2 mil Polystyrene
  • Direct thermal paper
  • Metalized pouch material
  • Pressure sensitive labels – paper and film
  • Lamination

Financial Services

With the latest Phoseon UV LED products designed specifically for installation on flexo presses, converters will benefit from lower operational expenses, proven longer lifetimes, reliability, and just plain safer technology. 

Capital improvements are often a challenge when plant managers are trying to balance their cash flow and annual budgets. 

We are lowering the retrofit financial barrier and are pleased to offer financial services as a means to addressing the CAPEX challenges associated with flexographic retrofits.

Learn more: retrofit.phoseon.com

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Retrofit your flexographic press with Phoseon UV LEDs and you will see more uptime, throughput, reliability, choice in substrate materials and energy efficiency. And our new financing options make the value even more accessible.

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