Low Migration Process with UV LED

Delivering Process Stability

Process stability is the key to consistent, reliable low-migration printing. Phoseon’s UV LED systems ensure every packaging run receives the same consistent, uniform UV output for repeatable results. Request more information about Phoseon's narrow web solutions
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Package Printing

The term Low-Migration (LM) describes a process for UV-cured packaging to ensure all materials utilized do not transfer through the package in quantities that would affect the final product safety, odor, or taste. To meet LM requirements, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) must be used to ensure consistent, stable process control.

UV LED offers excellent through cure due to the long UV-A wavelength, which penetrates through to the media. Phoseon products offer more than 20,000 hours of operation with minimal power drop over time, and have been tested for more than 60,000 hours of lifetime. Additionally, UV LED technology provides a uniform output across the print width which again ensures fully cured product. All of these benefits improve the GMP for manufacturers, with confidence that their products consistently meet LM requirements.

UV LED curing for low migration food packaging is the next major market to realize UV LED curing benefits. The growth is driven by regulations of the printers and brand users – and consumers. Most low migration inks are specifically formulated for traditional mercury based lamps, but now that UV LED curing technology is a viable solution, more low migration inks are being formulated for LED.

As in other printing markets that UV LED has entered, it becomes a matter of “when,” not “if,” low-migration systems will appear on the market. Large R&D amounts are being spent now to commercialize UV LED low-migration inks. And with continuing RoHS regulatory challenges for traditional mercury bulbs looming in 2016, it is imperative for the entire UV LED ecosystem to work together, ensuring a smooth stable transition to a low-migration future.

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