Digital Printing - UV Curing Applications

UV LED curing technology is ideal for the UV curing of inks in a variety of applications such as: labels and packaging, bottle printing, 3D printing, coding and marking, posters and signage, and many others. UV LED technology offers increased productivity, operating economics and sustainability for digital printing applications.
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Posters & Signage

posters & signage

The sign making industry has led the change for improved turnaround time, higher quality and more economical solutions for printers that serve this segment of the market. UV LED curing technology enables output on a wider media mix and an extended range of applications, while at the same time allowing for a low total cost of ownership.

Case Study:
UV LED Curing for Flatbed Printing
PVS In-Store Graphics, located in Portland, OR (USA), likes to stay ahead of the curve by adopting the latest in digital printer technology. PVS is currently a proud owner of the EFI VUTEk GS3250LX flatbed printer, which has opened new opportunities for their business. With LED curing technology (from Phoseon Technology) this hybrid printer offers media versatility at its peak. They can now run thinner materials through the machine without warping. PVS is unique in that the projects they create can print on substrates that are uncommon.