Digital Printing - UV Curing Applications

UV LED curing technology is ideal for the UV curing of inks in a variety of digital printing applications such as: labels and packaging, bottle printing, 3D printing, coding and marking, posters and signage, and many others. UV LED technology offers increased productivity, operating economics and sustainability for digital printing applications.
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Labels & Packaging

digital printing

UV LED curing systems are ideal for label and narrow web printers, enabling end users to print high quality material at maximum speeds. UV LED curing for label printing shows measurable advantages in higher productivity, lower energy usage, reduced heat load for thinner substrates, smaller footprints and clear environmental benefits.

The benefits of UV LED are numerous and significant for label printing applications. UV LED systems are very efficient since they only output a narrow band of usable UV and do not emit infrared or harmful UV-C. Without emission in the infrared range, Being a solid-state device, UV LED systems are instant on/off with no warm-up time. All of this combined results in savings of up to 70% on electricity. UV LED curing technology offers advanced capabilities, economic and environmental advantages beyond anything available on the market today.

Case Study:
Saijet Roll to Roll Inkjet Label Printer
FireEdge for pinning to create superior image quality labels.