Digital Printing - UV Curing Applications

UV LED curing technology continues to win over many users in the printing world, replacing traditional methods. To utilize the advances in technology from UV LED light sources, there has also been growth in high-performance, UV LED energy curing inks and coatings. UV LED curing is now in the forefront, because it provides many benefits, including increased production speed, lower cost of ownership and less waste, while also providing an enhanced visual appearance and packaging.
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uv printing benefits

UV LED curing is now an accepted tool in the printing industry. It allows for advanced capability on challenging applications for industrial printers. Printers can offer media versatility and can now run thinner materials through the machine without warping or wrinkling. UV LED technology offers the ability to print on uncommon substrates. As a side benefit, these thinner substrates also reduce shipping costs, both of the raw materials and the finished product, providing further economic benefit to end users and their customers.

UV LED curing technology is now rapidly growing inside the UV printing market with compelling advantages of better economics, system capabilities, and environmental benefits.

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