Adhesive Medical Applications UV Curing

Adhesive Medical Applications

UV LED technology is ideal for a wide array of medical adhesive curing. Medical device manufacturing/automation equipment includes manufacturing of devices used in measurement equipment for medical tools or parts.

UV Adhesive Curing for Medical Devices

UV Adhesive Curing

Phoseon Technology products were designed with industrial and automated processes in mind. Low heat generation, PLC control and scalable lengths makes Phoseon's products suitable for a wide range of medical adhesive applications. FireEdge and FireJet products are ideal for UV curing medical adhesives.

Phoseon Technology's products are LED-based which minimizes the heat load to the work surface allowing for capability with heat-sensitive applications. The long lifetime, instant on/off control and consistent UV output can improve process variation and control.

UV LED technology has many benefits to medical device adhesives such as low heat, instant on/off capability, long lifetime which makes it a versatile solution for thin film, heat sensitive or any research application.

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