UV Light CUring technology

The process of UV light curing is defined as the hardening of a liquid form of materials when exposed to ultraviolet energy. Ultraviolet curing of inks, coatings, and adhesives require a "high intensity" source of UV energy to initiate a chemical reaction. This cross-linking reaction hardens the liquid by initiating a chemical polymerization reaction that turns the liquid into a solid. The resulting ‘hardened’ solids have long-life resiliency, color, and adhesion.  Request more information

LED Light Curing

Phoseon has developed a UV LED energy source that provides maximum UV energy, superior performance, and long-term reliability while also improving workplace safety through the elimination of harmful substances such as ozone and mercury. These UV LED light sources are ideal for industrial and commercial vendors that want to provide their customers with equipment that performs faster, safer, cleaner, and longer-lasting.  Learn more about Phoseon's LED light curing technology

As a proven market leader, Phoseon has completed a large number of successful UV curing systems in printing, coatings and adhesive markets. Learn more about Phoseon's LED light curing technology