Application: Coatings for Architectural Moulding

Makor successfully installs finishing plant with UV LED profile curing line from Phoseon Technology

Makor Drying Tunnel
Makor Curing Tunnel

FireJet™ FJ200 UV
LED Light Source

At the beginning of 2014 Makor has successfully installed a high technology finishing plant for architectural mouldings at the company BERGENE HOLM in Norway.

The main request from BERGENE HOLM was to have a universal and high performance line in terms of compatibility with various types of profiles (indoor, outdoor, narrow, wide, etc.), very high production speed and low down time for set-up and maintenance.

The installation included the implementation of a drying tunnel that utilizes UV LED curing technology from Phoseon Technology. The tunnel includes five of Phoseon’s FireJet™ FJ200 air-cooled UV LED light sources with peak irradiance of 8W/cm².
Makor Case Study


Technology: Advantages of UV LEDs for Manufacturing

UV LED embraces many of the advantages of traditional UV curing for manufacturing processes. It offers advanced capabilities beyond traditional UV curing. First is low heat. UV LEDs do not generate any infrared output that is translated into heat. This is extremely important on manufacturing lines where the introduction of heat changes the chemical properties of the adhesive or coating. This heat can lead to material warping, lack of adhesion and eventually scrap. UV LEDs are a ‘cool’ light source; the only heat is due to UV energy being generated.

Delivering Dramatic Process Improvements


Phoseon Lighting the Way: FireJet™

The Phoseon FireJet is an air cooled small form factor UV LED curing lamp with peak intensities up to 12W/cm². The FireJet™ is ideal for UV Inkjet wide format systems and is capable of curing at the highest speeds for small, medium and grand format digital printing systems. It’s also ideal for many adhesive and coating applications.

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